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Elaine's Wellbeing Café is part of Elaine Sihera Consulting (ESC) a not-for profit empowerment and inclusion agency. Its motivational posts and podcasts to boost self-efficacy and mental health are created and presented by leading British empowerment specialist, successful pioneer, and agency founder, Elaine Sihera.

Through ESC, her books, The New Theory of Confidence© and Managing the Diversity Maze, her social research and Lessons in Life podcast, Elaine aims to raise awareness of the power of Confidence (Self-Efficacy), high Self-Esteem, Diversity Inclusion and fulfilling Relationships to impact individual perception and attitude, in order to enhance interaction, life quality, and personal value.

Elaine believes that it takes JUST ONE PERSON to make a huge difference to our world and Elaine's Wellbeing Café is HER way of making that difference in the most informative and life-affirming way possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Being a non-profit agency, our work and this website are supported by Elaine's books and her engagements, which carry a fee according to the status of the booking organisation. Please help us to continue making a difference, even if it is simply buying a book, sponsoring a page, podcast or event, or making a donation!

Elaine Sihera's brand new Winning Formula for Your Success! demonstrates, in simple graphic form, the obstacles that could be preventing you from achieving your full potential and being really successful in the way you yearn to be. It is very simple to apply and, using some amazing success stories, the Success Formula identifies the biggest demotivator we all experience. This new book presents an alternative way of finding out how you can increase your opportunities and career options, while improving your emotional and mental health in the process.


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  • How Confidence and Self-Perception Control Aspirations and Wellbeing and Encourage Deviance in Youth (Sponsors Sought)

  • How Personal Confidence and Self-Esteem in College Students Affect Their Emotional /Mental Health (Sponsors Sought)

  • ANNUAL CELEBRATION LECTURE: International Women's Day (March) Sponsors Sought

  • ANNUAL CELEBRATION LECTURE: Black History Month (October) Sponsors Sought

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